dashCMA removes fees to support Real Estate Agents building Comparable Market Analysis Reports | dashCMA

dashCMA removes fees to support Real Estate Agents building Comparable Market Analysis Reports


(Los Angeles, California) In an effort to bring unobstructed access to PropTech tools needed to assist Real Estate Agents during COVID-19, real estate tech start-up, dashCMA, extends the following open letter:

I’m Karen, the Founder of dashCMA. I want to take a moment, check in and let you know that I want to help. I don’t necessarily know what the best way to help is but I want to try. I want to do something.  I know that my vision for dashCMA was to bring perspective and comfort to the real estate transaction.

Now, more than ever, your community is looking for a resource. An expert. Someone to bring perspective to what’s happening in real estate. Now, more than ever, you need the proper tools to support that perspective. I do not want fees to stand in the way of you being that resource for OUR community. Starting today, our standard 15 day free trial will be extended to August 1st.  We will not be charging during this time.

Why August 1st? That might be too long or not enough time. I’m not sure. We’re facing unprecedented times and I’m not sure how long is needed. What I do know is, I want to help for however long it takes.  If August 1st isn’t enough time, we will cross that bridge together.  We will support you.

We are offering daily live webinars to get you up to speed.

Presenting on a video call is new and we’re here to help you practice.  dashCMA was not created with a pandemic in mind but the interactive, visual, transparent qualities make it ideal for supporting your video presentation. We’re happy to be your practice buddy and get you ready for your presentation.

Real estate was deemed an essential resource for a reason – because your perspective is needed to bring comfort to our community. Having unobstructed access to the right tools is critical right now. Thank you for allowing us to help.

Webinar calendar: https://dashcma.com/webinars/

Schedule a practice session: https://calendly.com/_dashcma/30min

Schedule dedicated Brokerage training: [email protected]

Thank you,

Karen Abram

Founder, dashCMA

“We had an agent ask today why they should use dashCMA instead of what they normally do right now” said Ryan Hildebrant, Seven Gables. “My answer was – if there was ever a time to use a tool that provides their client the best perspective, clarity and allows them to participate in the CMA process, a virtual presentation is it.”


About dashCMA

dashCMA is a modern, visual, dashboard revamp of the traditional 60+ page Comparable Market Analysis (CMA). dashCMA has been recognized by Inman as a Finalist for “Innovator of the Year” in the Technology category, the HW Tech 100 list, T3 Sixty Tech 500 list and Finalist for CAR’s “What’s Next”  in Real Estate Innovation.  dashCMA is available in 18 markets and holds a Marketplace position in CRMLS, SRAR and MLSListings.