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Why Orange?


Choosing orange for our branding was an intentional decision.

In Western cultures, the color orange represents warmth and visibility. As a business, we have 2 key goals. One, to provide a tool that facilitates trust between agent and client from the start (warmth).

Two, to allow agents to illustrate and explain their point of view in a way that empowers them (visibility).

In Eastern cultures, orange symbolizes happiness and humility. Orange is a subtle reminder that the home buying process can be a happy one. Orange encourages us to be humble as agents.

To remember that no matter how stressful the process gets, it’s exponential on the client side.

Some consider the orange to be a symbol of women’s rights. This started when a man suggested that “a woman belongs on the bimah (in a leadership position in the congregation) as much as an orange belongs on the Seder plate.”

As a female founder, this hit home with me. Not necessarily for the obvious reasons. It hit home because the statement implies that there is no need to change traditions regardless of what value or insight the change could bring.

I am passionate about innovation and curiosity and will put oranges on any and every plate I can.