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Naming dashCMA


It’s time to name the product.

This should be simple enough.  And yet, because it should be “simple enough” it’s rather quite complex.

When you name a baby, a thousand scenarios run through your mind. You picture them at their first interview introducing themselves with this name, being pronounced ‘husband and wife” with this name, imagining the name being said as they walk across the stage to get their diploma and a thousand other scenarios.  With each scenario you ask yourself – Is that the right name?

You consider whether to have the baby’s name to honor a deceased relative, have religious meaning or represent a fond memory.

It’s because we agonize over it and consider all angles, once you have that name, nothing sounds better. It’s perfection.

This is how I felt when naming dashCMA. This was my third baby. I thought of every scenario where the name “dashCMA” was pronounced and reflected on if it sounded like a fit.

I considered what I liked about other brand names.

“Redfin” is a crafty anagram for “friend” and “finder”.

“Five hour energy” is right to the point of what it does.

“Aden & Anais” are the names of the Founder’s children.

“Starbuck” is based off a character in “Moby Dick.”

“Pepsi” was originally intended to help aid digestion and thus was named after the digestive enzyme “Pepsin.”

“Nabisco” is a shortened version of the company’s original name “National Biscuit Company.”

“QVC” are the initials for the company’s values: Quality, Value and Convenience.

“Reebok” is a reference to “rhebok”, an African antelope.

Most importantly, I wanted the name to fully embody the inspiration for the tool itself: “If you can’t explain it simply, you don’t understand it well enough.” The name needed to be simple, yet powerful.

“Dash” is one syllable. Easy to spell, easy to remember.  “CMA” communicates what category and industry the tool applies to. A Real Estate Agent will see the word “CMA” and know that this tool has relevance to them whereas a Nurse would not.

“Dash” is simple, yet powerful. The word itself means “A small quantity of substance.”  The word is also “dashboard” shortened which is quite literally what the tool is – a dashboard CMA and a shortened version of the traditional 60+ page CMA.  “Dash” is also defined as “impetuous vigor, confidence, panache” and can mean “to affect by mixing in something different.” Yes, yes and yes.

The decision to not capitalize the “d” in “dashCMA” was also intentional.  dashCMA is designed to empower the real estate agent. To support, assist and help illustrate the real estate agent’s knowledge in an organized, visual manner.

All angles considered, “dashCMA” was perfect.  Thank goodness the domain was available.