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Get to the point


While driving home from an office demo yesterday, I listened to the “How I built this” podcast interview with Slack and Flickr founder, Stewart Butterfield. In the interview, he talked about how too many brands don’t get to the point fast enough.  Too many brands forget why the customer came to their website.  He used the restaurant industry as an example and mentioned that people typically go to a restaurant’s website to find the hours, menu or to make a reservation. Yet, before you can access the hours, menu or make a reservation you have to watch a full animation of food photos or read through the chef’s story before continuing.  The restaurant owner loves that photo and is passionate about their story. But as a visitor to the site, that’s not why you’re there. Instead, that photo and that story are now hurdles to the information you came for.  As hurdles, they create frustration.

As a real estate agent, it’s important to remember the goal of the meeting. If a seller asks to meet to discuss the pricing of their home then there is one goal for the meeting: discuss pricing for their home. Get to the point. This is why they reached out. Not to hear your backstory or recent sales.  Are you giving them information that satisfies their question or are you giving them information they didn’t ask for thus creating hurdles and inevitable frustration? Also, make sure you are focused on their home and not city/neighborhood trends (shameless plug: our market gauges are always focused on the subject property).

“But I want them to pick ME for the job” you say. Once you get to the point, the conversation will organically progress to “why you” for the job.  Again, get to the point. Keep it simple, relatable, quantifiable and undebatable.  Only then can you get to the next question, “Will you list my home?”

Again, get to the point – “Yes.”